How Do I Consign?

If you don’t know consignment, just wait-you’re about to be hooked!

Consignment is the best way to recycle your GREAT kid’s clothes, toys, equipment, furniture, and MUCH more.

Remember the old Carters slogan- “If they would only stay little til their Carters wear out.” We only wish they could! Let’s face it, our kids are growing out of their clothes way before they have the chance to wear them out. Not to mention growing tired of their toys and they’re still like new.

We are your perfect solution!

Many of our moms use our service as sort of a swap shop. They SELL their outgrown kids stuff, essentially use that money to then they BUY their kids stuff for the next season….SEE, it’s a SWAP! What a smart mom! Your husband will be singing your praises from season to season. You know how it feels when you GOT A DEAL! You can’t afford NOT to consign. Great deals on great stuff for your kids. And we’re recession-proof!

STOP! Don’t clear out your garage or pack up those items for “one of these days we’re going to have a yard sale.”

This is your solution!

A consignment sale will bring much higher prices than at yard sales!

How was it the last time you had a yard sale? You had a great GAP two-piece outfit that you priced at $2 (knowing you paid over $50 in the store), just to have someone say “I’ll give you $1 for this.” It’s not only ridiculous, but it’s a waste of your time to prepare for such an event just to be insulted with such propositions. This is why YOU need consignment!

Here’s all you do:

1. Clean out your kids’ closets and toy rooms. Don’t forget maternity, ladies handbags, video games and more.

2. Hang, price and tag your items following our Tagging guidlines. (You determine the price, leaving no room to haggle.)

3. Drop off your stuff…we take it from there!


During the sale we have thousands of families who will see your items. Therefore your items are given thousands of opportunities to sell. (How many showed up at your last yard sale? How long will it take you to meet that many people or post that many pics on a Facebook online selling site)

You’ll receive 70% of the selling price from each item sold minus a $15 consignor fee. There is no way a yard sale or a consignment shop can compare! If you decide to help at the sale you can even earn that fee back.

In a consignment shop, items could remain on the shelves for months. Each time you shop L&M, everything has JUST ARRIVED! So there is always great excitement felt by our buyers. In a consignment shop, you may go in and purchase 3 to 5 pieces at a time. Shoppers in our sale know that IF THEY WANT IT – THEY BETTER BUY IT NOW because the sale only lasts a few days.

As a consignor…you take advantage of our widespread advertising, customer volume and GREAT location.

And best of all, we take care of all the details!

As a buyer…Lullabies and Mudpies has an incredible selection of quality items to choose from.

SUPER BONUS: As a consignor you earn the chance to shop before the public at our exclusive presales. Be sure to check out the volunteer page. You gain even more exclusive shopping advantages and working can serve as great “girl time”. We also love our Husband helpers they ROCK!

Consign with us

What do you need to do to consign with Lullabies and Mudpies?

1. Please visit the Consignor Homepage (PACE) or Consignor Homepage (FWB) also Pensacola and register for the sale whether you are a new or returning consignor. You may choose to use online tagging and you may do so once you log in.

2. The consignor keeps 70% of every item that sells. A check will be ready when you pick up your unsold items for 70% of sold items, minus a $15 consignor fee (currently we are asking for the fee to be paid upfront, if that is the case at the current event, it will be 70% of your gross sales, i.e. $10 in gross sales X .7 equals $7 for you the consignor) any questions can be emailed to us at

3. Visit our Tagging for complete details on tagging clothing, toys, furniture, loose items, etc.

4. Get appropriate size hangers (10/1.05 at Target  or free from some dry cleaners) these will be sold with your items so you can factor in that cost when pricing(but if you purchase items at the sale then you will get those hangers, thus replacing) and card stock for printing online tags on your printer ($5.00 at Wal-Mart), safety pins (200/$1.50 at Dollar General) or Tagging gun  for about $15 which saves a lot  Store Supply Company

5. Check the Sale Dates (PACE) and  Sale Dates (FWB) also (PENSACOLA)page for complete details on the dates and times of drop off and pick up at L&M.

6. Keep in mind that volunteers GET TO SHOP FIRST and additional incentives. Consider volunteering with us for the benefit of shopping before the hundreds of other consignors & thousands who come on opening day. Visit the volunteer page for more information on volunteering.

7. Tell your friends about L&M! The more you TELL the more you SELL and have to choose from while SHOPPING.

8. Read the Sellers Agreement CAREFULLY when you register. We will be following this agreement completely this sale. Please email us prior to registering if you have any concerns/issues about the agreement. You must read and accept the agreement in order to register and participate

9. Consignor registration fees must be paid before you can tag.  Please review the dates of pickup (if you are unable to pick up your items they will be donated. No exceptions).  All consignor registration fees are non-refundable, no exceptions.

10. Watch for drop off emails to discuss the drive thru drop off and pick up procedures and guidelines. YOU MUST FOLLOW SORTING AND RUBBERBANDING BY SIZE DROP OFF GUIDELINES. We do a drive thru drop off and this keeps the line moving so we can make it quick and easy for all. Watch for a reminder right before drop off about how to organize for drop off.

10. Reminder about checks you are able to pick up your checks at the end of the sale. We do our very best to have checks ready at pick up if unforeseen events occur you will be mailed your check 7-10 business days after the event has concluded. We are typically packing, unpacking, and attending to end of sale efforts for many days after the event. Thank you for consigning!

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